LSI Lighting Solutions

For more than 3 decades, LSI Industries Inc. has been pioneering and delivering highly valued lighting solutions to meet the needs of its customers.  Together, Webco Lighting and LSI have been serving the Canadian market with outstanding, energy-efficient lighting solutions for over 17 years.

Today, LSI Industries has a broad offering of high quality, high performance lighting solutions built upon the latest innovative lighting technology.  LSI is dedicated to advancing LED technology to make affordable, energy efficient fixtures that deliver excellent lighting.  With its vertically integrated manufacturing process, LSI combines technology, design and manufacturing to produce the most efficient lighting solutions for indoor and outdoor use.  In addition, LSI can provide sophisticated lighting and energy management control solutions to help customers manage their energy use.  Finally, this group of responsive lighting professionals is dedicated to providing state-of-the-art, energy-efficient solutions, dependable service and extraordinary value to its customers.  LSI is a U.S. manufacturer with manufacturing facilities strategically located throughout the United States.

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Outdoor Lighting

From the introduction of vertical burn to Crossover LED Technology, LSI Industries has led the way in innovative lighting technology to best light exterior spaces.  LSI offers a wide range of high-performance, professional-grade fixtures to meet your requirements - from your parking lot to the building entrance.  From energy-efficient fixtures to mounting brackets and poles, LSI services its customers' needs from its manufacturing facilities in the United States.  Further, LSI is committed to providing excellent service and delivery to provide the best value in outdoor lighting.

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Indoor Lighting

LSI offers a broad range of energy-efficient, LED, fluorescent and HID indoor lighting solutions to address your interior needs.  Since adding indoor lighting to its offering in the late 1980's, LSI has continued to develop innovative interior solutions that bring value to the user.

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Sports Lighting

LSI Courtsider Sports Lighting offers solutions for both indoor/outdoor tennis courts and selected sports venues.

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LED Lighting

LSI's decades of experience in fixture design and manufacturing coupled with decades of experience in solid-state technology give LSI a unique position in the LED lighting arena.  LSI is committed to the development of innovative LED lighting technology that delivers outstanding lighting performance with significantly reduced energy consumption.  The company has invested considerable resources in this effort - and today LSI continues to lead the way with a broad offering built upon LSI's Crossover LED technology platform.  LSI understands that LED lighting is a big investment and wants to assure you that its LED fixtures are backed by an experienced company that will stand by its products.

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LSI Controls

LSI Controls enables you to reduce energy and maintenance costs by 30-50% by utilizing our communication and control system that enables the management of lights individually and collectively. Our solution scales economically from 10 lights in a church parking lot to 10,000,000 lights managed by a city. Today, outdoor lighting is largely managed through photocells or timers, which does not give property managers enough control over lighting to minimize energy costs while ensuring safety. LSI Virticus provides a very fine level of control over your lighting network, enabling you to clearly define your lighting needs relative to the costs to attain them.

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